Summer Colds & Summer School

Mothering these days feels like an endless rotation of laundry, dishes, feeding hungry mouths, and wiping bottoms. I know these days are fleeting, but the drudgery is wearing me thin of late.

The children all came down with a cold which has been lingering. It isn’t a terribly bad cold, but it has them cranky and all out of sorts. Nights have been rough, with one or another of them keeping me up at least every hour.

I’ve fallen so far behind in tutoring, due to my chronic illness, but I’ve been making an effort to be consistent and try to catch up over the summer.
It is hard enough to get Emma and Christian to focus on assignments, but throw Katherine in to the mix, and it is a utter chaos. I still have not worked out how to create structure and order with the wild card of Katherine in our school days. At only 2, she is temperamental and unpredictable. She likes to dance on the table and steal everyone’s writing utensils. Anything you have, she wants.

And that is normal for her age and temperament. But it still wreaks havoc on all our activities.

Emma lost her first tooth this past Sunday! She has been waiting so long for this monumental moment, so she was inevitably over the moon with pride and joy.
Her new tooth came in behind her baby tooth, so we had to document her “shark tooth”, as we called it.

Here is before:



And after!



We hit the schoolbooks hard today, hoping to gain momentum for the week ahead. Emma was not thrilled with having to sit and focus on boring math problems. I kept the younger two occupied with an episode of Justin Time (one of my favourites!) and, with much struggle, we got all of her assignments accomplished! We made a deal, that if she finished all of her assignments in a timely manner, we’d go to the library later and get a few books. It was a win-win, since we got her a bunch of readers to practice reading.

Math is not her favourite.
Hard at work, with facts and figures.
Christian lounging in a beanbag chair.
Katherine, thoroughly engrossed in a ‘Justin Time’ adventure.
Emma plugging away at her workbook while Brad plugs away at his own work.
Katherine migrated down to the beanbag chair at some point, and the sweet snuggles made my mother’s heart glow.
All snuggled up!
Little toesies!

I’ve made a goal to write at least once a week here, and I’m determined to stick to it.

Here’s day 1, in the books!

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