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This Is 5!

We celebrated Christian’s 5th birthday this past weekend.  He’d been counting down the days to his birthday for the past couple of months, and the big day finally arrived.  He was so excited to share the day with some of his aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins!

Christian, Age 5
I make a point to take a simple portrait of each child for their birthday.
Christian, age 5

For his birthday, we gifted him a new comforter, percale sheets, a fluffy pillow, and a bottle of bubble bath.  We don’t regularly buy bubble bath, so it’s been a rare treat for him!
I always try to keep gifts simple and practical, taking the months leading up to their birthdays to assess upcoming needs and current interests.

Tonight was his first night in his new bedding, and the look of pure bliss on his face as he nestled between the sheets was priceless!

Below are a few pictures from the day!

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