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A Morning Adventure

We started the morning playing outside in the yard.  The woods that run along the back of our yard are wild and lead down to a good sized river. I’m always grateful for the wide variety of flora and fauna they provide to explore and enjoy! We had a wonderful weekend, visiting with family from …

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Birthday Celebrations Family

This Is 5!

We celebrated Christian’s 5th birthday this past weekend.  He’d been counting down the days to his birthday for the past couple of months, and the big day finally arrived.  He was so excited to share the day with some of his aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins! For his birthday, we gifted him a new comforter, …

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Summer Colds & Summer School

Mothering these days feels like an endless rotation of laundry, dishes, feeding hungry mouths, and wiping bottoms. I know these days are fleeting, but the drudgery is wearing me thin of late. The children all came down with a cold which has been lingering. It isn’t a terribly bad cold, but it has them cranky …

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